Electronics and water famously don’t mix well. But washing and cleaning an e-bike is no more complicated than a regular mountain bike. It just requires a bit more care and attention in a few key areas. We’ve teamed up with Muc-Off to show you how to keep your e-bike running smoothly and looking fast.

How do I clean my e-bike?


First, make sure your e-bike is switched off and the charging port is closed. Put the bike in a workstand and make sure it’s secure, upright and can’t fall over.


Spray a bike-specific cleaner onto the drivetrain. Use a brush to help loosen any stubborn dirt and to get into those hard-to-reach areas.

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Move on with the rest of the bike. Again, spray that bike-specific cleaner and go to town on any hard to shift dirt using a sponge or soft brush.

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Wash off all the bubbles and let the bike dry for a few minutes. Give it a bounce to help shake the water off and then wipe away any excess water with a microfiber cloth.

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Remove the battery and check that all the ports and connectors are clean and dry. All good? Put the battery back into the frame making sure to lock it in place.

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Spray moisture dispersing fluid onto the motor and drivetrain, but please avoid your brakes. Wipe away any excess spray and use an old cloth to get your chain sparkling.

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Now it’s time to lube the chain. On an e-bike the crank doesn’t spin backwards like on a regular bike. Don’t worry! Muc-Off has a tool that slots into your chainring making it possible anyway. Rotate the cranks backwards applying a drop of lube to each chain link as you go.

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Finish by misting the frame with a silicone spray and making sure to avoid the brakes and drivetrain. After that it’s time to buff up your bike with a clean dry cloth. If your frame protectors are looking tired maybe you should treat your bike to a refresh:

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Give your bike a quick systems check, make sure you’re fully charged and you’re good to get back on the trails. Ride, charge, repeat.


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