Shaping it Up with Entretrail

In early September, a group of volunteers met in the Verbier region of Switzerland for a two day “shape and ride” camp, organized by the Entretrail trail association. Amongst them was Verbier local, moustache enthusiast and SCOR Collective rider, Ludo May.

We sat down with Ludo to find out what exactly went down over these two days of shaping trails and sharing good vibes with passionate people.

Hey Ludo, tell us about Entretrail!

Entretrail was kicked off by Sylvain Häderli back in 2018. It’s a society that brings together a community of volunteers from the Verbier region, to maintain some of the most popular mountain bike trails. There is more to it than just fixing trails though! We promote good trail ethics with the aim of improving interactions between mountain bikers and hikers, as well as sharing a respect for nature.

When and why did you get involved?

I had been part of Entretrail since it’s foundation but wanted to become more involved last year. So, organizing a shape and ride camp with an overnight stay in a cabin seemed a very good way of doing that. I am passionate about the incredible riding we have here and am happy to invest time for the good of the region. I wanted to give a little love back to our beautiful trails.

So why the two-day format?

I had done something similar over in Val Poschiavo in the spring and it really inspired me. Staying in a cabin and spending time together allows you to get to know the other riders better. It gives us all the chance to share good times and to forge stronger links within the local mountain biking community.

How did it go?

Well, the atmosphere was great! Nearly 20 enthusiastic diggers got involved and enjoyed every moment – from shaping trails to enjoying luxury picnics and, of course, sharing a great ride at the end of the day. The cherry on top? We made a trail smoother and more flowy. Everyone is already looking forward to hanging out again to share the stoke of shaping and riding Verbier’s awesome trails.

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