At Home with Kasi

Get ready for an epic adventure as Freiburg native Kasi Schmidt takes us on a tour of his hometown trails. Four days, three riders, two countries, and as many trails as possible.

Episode 2: Les Vosges, France

It's time to saddle up and hit the road, as Ludo and I embark on a mission to explore the French side of the German-French border. The destination: the Vosges Mountains, home to some of the most epic bike parks in the region like La Bresse and Lac Blanc.

Today, we are going in search of off-piste loam though. But first we need to find Thomas.

Episode 1: Freiburg, Germany

It’s time to hit the home trails again! After Ludo May gave us a tour of his native Switzerland last year, Kasi Schmidt figured it was his turn to show us his home turf around Freiburg im Breisgau in southwest Germany.

Are you ready for an epic journey?