Spare Parts

Where can I get spare parts for my bike?

You can purchase your spare parts either via our online shop or your local SCOR Retailer. SCOR retailers have access to SCOR specific spare parts as well as to various other parts vendors, and can work with you in choosing the correct replacement option that best suits both you and your bike. Please use the shop finder to find the SCOR retailer nearest to you.

Can I get new decals for my bike?

All our SCOR 4060 and 4060 Z models come with minimal branding, allowing you to create your own look using our custom frame protectors. Every 4060 and 4060 Z bike comes with a standard SCOR branded frame protector, which is also available on our webshop. You can also choose one of our other frame protectors. Keep things subtle or go bananas, your call. Want to go fully bespoke? Using Slicy’s MySublimstick app and templates tailored to your frame, you can create your own unique design using photos, graphics and text.

Can I get a spare battery for my SCOR 4060 Z e-bike?

Yes, you can order a spare battery through your local SCOR Retailer.

Bike Service & Maintenance

Who services my SCOR bike?

SCOR bikes must be serviced by qualified bike mechanics. Please contact your nearest SCOR Retailer to arrange a service appointment.

What do I have to consider when applying adhesives?

The application of adhesives, such as stickers, can result in colour differences due to different impacts of UV radiation on the frame. SCOR specific frame protectors offered by us and Slicy Products are safe to use.

What do I have to consider when using cleaning products?

Do not use strong solvents, and test on a small, concealed area before using a cleaning product for the first time.

Carbon Care

What do I need to know regarding carbon care instructions?

Bicycle frames made out of carbon fibres are high performance frames. The tube dimensions, wall thickness and orientation of the fibres are specially designed to withstand the stresses that can occur during its intended use and guarantee high comfort and stiffness to give you the best ride possible. Whilst SCOR frames are designed to exceed EN safety requirements, the frames are not designed to withstand all foreseen forces. They are not designed to survive all collisions or crashes undamaged and can be delicate for punctual pressures.

Please respect the following instructions:

Avoid contact with hard, sharp or pointed objects. Don’t lean your bike with the top tube against a pole or corner of a building.

When using a work stand, don’t clamp the bike on any frame tube, fix the bike at the seatpost only.

While your bike is fixed (by the seatpost) on the work stand, avoid high side loads when replacing the bottom bracket as a lever effect can occur creating damage to the seattube or frame.

Can I travel with my SCOR bike?

If using soft travel cases or bike boxes to transport your bike, please ensure the frame is well protected (using soft foam wrap) to ensure no components or external pressures can puncture or damage the frame. Please note that the SCOR warranty does not cover any transport damage.