Play is about trying new things and seeing what happens. Because what happens can be amazing.

That’s why we have our Make It Yours program. By offering frame protectors featuring all kinds of designs it’s easy to use your SCOR frame as a canvas for play and experimentation.

The process behind our frame protector designs involves us coming up with a bunch of ideas and then playing with pens, paper, keyboards and computers to turn the best ideas into reality. But when Stephan Herger, an Industrial Design student with an interest in the use of artificial intelligence in design, came to do his internship at SCOR we thought it would be fun to try something new. So we asked him to use AI to develop a new range of frame protectors.

Pretty quickly we were getting some really interesting results. It seems Stephan and AI like to play, too.

Did Skynet design our frame protectors? Not quite. A lot has been written about artificial intelligence, what it can do and the potential it has to change our world. But for this project using AI is like collaborating with a designer who works at the speed of thought, “Artificial intelligence reveals perspectives we may not have considered in an extremely short time.” explains Stephan.

That doesn’t mean it can just smash out amazing designs on its own, though. Like working with any designer a conversation is needed to create something that hits the brief. The better the conversation the better the outcome. “In some cases, I had a clear idea of how the image should look but the artificial intelligence added or omitted elements, resulting in the generated image not exactly matching my original vision.”

Playing with inputs, like keywords and prompts, Stephan was able to fine tune the outputs, ending up with five unreal designs.

Want some AI designed artwork on your SCOR?