While sticking your fingers in a power socket is not recommended, playing with electricity can be a lot of fun. With the ability to take you further, faster and enjoy the downhills again and again, all our e-bikes give you more power to play the mountains. All the buzz, none of the nasty shocks. 

4060 Z LT

We’ve all got tracks we love to play again and again. Whether you’re into double-black rock anthems or rhythm-section blues, the 4060 Z LT lets you keep hitting repeat thanks to the Shimano EP8 motor and long-lasting 720Wh battery. Riff off old favourites, create something new, hit play and repeat.

4060 Z ST

The 4060 Z ST uses the same geometry bassline as the 4060 ST but with all the dials turned up. And thanks to the small but mighty Shimano EP8 motor and a 720Wh battery you can hit play on even the longest trail playlist. Drop into your favourite grooves or mix it up, the Z 4060 ST amplifies your ride.

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